Susan Sarandon’s Son Is A Gender-Fluid Brony

If you are behind on the pop culture bandwagon and don’t know what a brony is, it is a male fan of My Little Pony. Just because the show is geared towards girls, don’t mean that men can’t also enjoy it, say the Bronies.

When Miles Robbins accompanied his mom, Susan Sarandon, to the premiere of Zoolander 2, he made it clear that he was a brony with his My Little Pony inspired attire.

He also enjoys wearing dresses and other clothes intended for women. He has said: “I think that it is absurd to think that there is a rigidity to the identity of CIS and Heterosexual males and females — that for a man to wear a dress or for a woman to wear pants must mean that they are LGBTQ.”


In a column in the Huffington Post, he added: “I guess the point is, no, I am not LGBTQ, but I do identify with the concept of allowing yourself to be interested in the things that you are interested in, despite what the external influence of the world around you encourages you to pursue.”

Sarandon has openly supported his interest in “coloring outside the lines” of gender.

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