Susan Wokcicki, YouTube CEO, Apologetic but Not Moved to Act

YouTube CEO Susan Wokcicki is apologizing for the decision to allow homophobic conservative comedian Steven Crowder to remain on the platform. The apology stems from the backlash that the video hosting platform drew from the LGBT community and it’s supporters over the decision to demonetize but not remove the derogatory content.

Crowder has constantly berated and directed homophobic slurs at Vox write and video host, Carlos Maza. Maza out together a compilation of clips demonstrating the deplorable behavior of Crowder. Wokcicki insists that this kind of content does not violate YouTube policy, and if they were to act on that, then there is a lot of other content that would need to be removed as well.

Due to this decision, the San Francisco Pride Board has excluded Google, YouTube’s parent company, from this year’s pride parade.