Teacher Resigns Due To Backlash Over Same Sex Fairy Tale

A teacher and an assistant principal at a North Carolina elementary school have resigned after the teacher read a same sex fairy tale by the name of The King & King to his class.

When Omar Currie, the teacher in question, read out this story to his class, he was doing so in an effort to teach them an important lesson about tolerance. Currie claimed that he did this because a student came to him, in tears, and told him that he had been the victim of bullying. Apparently several students mocked him and used “gay” as an insult. So naturally, he wanted to stamp out this kind of behavior as best as he could.

Yet, when word reached the parents of a few students in the class, Currie and his principal Meg Goodhand (who lent him the book) were met with such negativity that they resigned.

When speaking to the Associated Press, Currie said: “When I read the story, the reaction of parents didn’t come into my mind.In that moment, it just seemed natural to me to read the book and have a conversation about treating people with respect. My focus then was on the child, and helping the child.”

If you’re wondering about the book that started all his furor, it’s by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland, and tells the story of a Prince who’s mother only wants him to marry a Princess so she can step down. After the Prince tells her that he has no interest in marrying a Princess, he falls in love with another Prince and the two marry.

This isn’t the first time this story has caused controversy, it has been met with negativity before from social conservatives, who disagree with it’s message and don’t want their children to be exposed to LGBT literature.

And obviously, Omar and Meg experienced this first hand. After Omar read the story, he was called into the Principal’s office. Three students in his class had apparently written complaints to a review committee, who had already approved the book for classroom use on two separate occasions.

Sadly, though, this no longer matters. Following the ire received after this incident, the Principal put a new policy into place that would require teachers to notify parents in advance of the books they intend to read in the class room. This policy also allows parents to opt their children out of select lessons.

Despite all this, though, he stands by his decision. He said while speaking to the Indy, “My reading of King & King was the 100% right thing to do. It’s obvious Orange County Schools is lacking leadership right now.”

Sadly, and rather unsurprisingly, Currie is now himself the victim of hate letters and emails, including one which made the outrageous accusation that he was trying to “indoctrinate” his class through “psychological rape”. And the hysteria doesn’t end there, as parents have escalated their complaints to the district level, where of course Currie will be attendance.