Team GB to “Field Two Transgender Athletes”

Apparently, two transgender athletes are hoping to compete as women in the upcoming Rio Olympic Games.

If this comes to pass, it is believed that these two athletes would be the first trans Olympians, and their potential for inclusion in the UK team comes after a landmark ruling that allows MTF competitors even if they have not had surgery.

If they are selected, however, it could reopen a debate on the fairness of allowing athletes who were once male to compete, it has been argued they have a biological advantage due to lung capacity and muscle mass.

Naturally, any MTF athletes do need to be under a certain testosterone level before competing under the guidelines, but there are still concerns of advantages.

Sports transgender consultant Delia Johnston said to the Mail on Sunday: “They should be selected but they fear they will be deemed too tricky – too many issues, too much negativity. If they were in a gold or silver medal position they would probably drop back because their fear of ridicule and total humiliation is so massive.”

Delia did not reveal which sports they could be competing in, but did add that “they transitioned long ago and have competed at a European championship for this country. Their national sports federations are aware of their gender history.”

The British Olympic Association have yet to respond to requests for comment, so we shall have to wait and see what transpires. If these two athletes end up competing, it will be a landmark event for both the Olympics and worldwide sports.

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Team GB to "Field Two Transgender Athletes"
Article Name
Team GB to "Field Two Transgender Athletes"
Team GB could field two transgender athletes, if reports are correct.