Teenagers Halt Confirmation to Protest Church’s LGBT Decision

After a year of studying their faith, a group of 8 teenagers were supposed to join the First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nabraska. The group was all set for confirmation, but decided to take a stand against the church because of their anti-LGBT rules about clergy and same sex marriages. The group of teens worried that becoming officially confirmed by the church would send the wrong message about their stance on LGBT inclusiveness. As a church that prides itself on “inclusiveness,” many people were upset by the church’s vote in February that favored exclusive practices. The final tally of votes among delegates from the Conference was 438 to 384. The group of teenagers were recognized by some members of their own church and thanked for “leading the way for inclusion of ALL of God’s beloved children.” A senior pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas also commented about his own faith’s community, “It was painful for those of us who are for full inclusion of all of our brothers and sisters, including LGBTQ people.” The brave group of teenagers have decided that they will make further decisions about “whether or not to become officially confirmed,” dependent upon “how this church responds to the general conference action.”