Texas & 10 Other States Sue Over Trans Bathroom Rights

You’ll probably remember how the Obama administration called public school districts to allow transgender students use the bathroom for their gender identity.

In response to this, a coalition of states, with Texas in the lead are suing the Obama administration.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Twitter: “Texas will sue to stop [President Barack] Obama’s transgender directive to schools.”

Joining alongside Texas in the suit are Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin. According to ABC News, other plaintiffs include Maine Governor Paul LePage, the Arizona Department of Education and two school districts from Arizona and Texas.

Their lawsuit is accusing President Obama of trying “to turn workplaces and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.”

Earlier this month, we saw the release of a detailed guidance by the Departments of Justice and Education, as well as lawsuit against North Carolina for their anti-trans HB2 bathroom bill. Both the lawsuit and the guidance detailed that states with such laws will be at risk of losing federal funding.

US Department of Education issued a statement earlier this month, saying: “… Protecting transgender students’ right to be who they are does not harm other students. Instead, they show that equality for transgender students is not only required by law but achievable through common-sense approaches that foster safety and a positive learning environment for all students.”

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