Texas Pride Picnic Called Off Over Violence Threat

Organisers of a yearly Pride picnic event in College Station, Texas are sadly having to call off the event due to a threat of violence made over social media.

The announcement was made by The Pride Community Center on July 2, which reads: “The Pride Picnic, scheduled for next Sunday, [10 July], has been postponed. Pride received a threat of violence and while the police and FBI are actively investigating, the Board of Directors deemed it best to be hold the picnic at a future date.We hope that our LGBTQA+ community and allies will join us at that time for an even bigger event. We’ll see you then!”

So while the event has not been cancelled entirely, it has been postponed for everyone’s safety while the proper authorities investigate the threat.

According to KBTX, a local TV news station, a flyer for the event was reposted with the disturbing comment: “Lock and load. Time to make the news.”

The  College Station Police Department said that the threat was made on Tumblr, and the organisers of the event then reported it. They released a statement, saying: “CSPD investigators, in conjunction with the FBI, began attempting to identify the source of the threat. A subpoena was served on Tumblr requesting information to identify the poster.”

However, they said on July 1 that Tumblr had yet to respond to the subpoena. Due to this, and the lack of information on whether or not the threat was credible, the event was postponed “in the interest of public safety”.

However, that does not mean the investigation ends there.

“Despite the cancellation, CSPD investigators will continue to follow up on the situation and will work with the FBI to identify any potential charges.”

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Texas Pride Picnic Called Off Over Violence Threat
Article Name
Texas Pride Picnic Called Off Over Violence Threat
The Pride picnic in Texas was called off thanks to a threat of violence.