The Best Countries In Europe For LGBTQ+ Rights

The International Lesbian-Gay Association has released a ranked list of the best countries in Europe for LGBT rights. Surprisingly, Malta is number one on the list, despite having no same-sex marriage.

It was a pretty close call between Malta and the UK, with Malta having 89.99% and the UK 85.55%. Apparently, Britain lost points due to the lack of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, allowing medical intervention on intersex children, and not allowing asylum on the grounds of gender identity and gender recognition laws.

The percentage is rated on the total rights for LGBT people, and Malta made it to the top despite not offering same-sex marriage. This is quite a sharp rise, as they were in 18th place in 2013, but they did just get civil unions and are known to have some of the best gender identity laws in the world.

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Article Name
The Best Countries In Europe For LGBTQ+ Rights
The best countries in Europe for LGBTQ+ rights by ranking. Number one is a little bit of a surprise.