The Crystal Maze Set to Return

Who doesn’t remember The Crystal Maze? The re-runs of this show made up a huge chunk of my childhood, and numerous other childhoods as well.

Although it wasn’t the same after the departure of Richard O’Brien, I still faithfully watched it with the new host, Edward Tudor Pole. Now, there are reports that the classic 90’s show is set to return for a one-off special.

It isn’t yet known for sure who will be serving as host for the special, as Channel 4 have said they are “looking at options” for the show, which would form part of the Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser this October.

There are various reports circling the web that the very talented David Tennant has been tipped as host, with other reports denying that fact. There are even claims that if the one-off is successful (which I would be surprised if it isn’t), we could see a full series return for the classic show.

Channel 4 haven’t commented either way on the choice of host, saying that it’s “premature” to confirm details.

The special will be filmed in the crowdfunded The Crystal Maze experience in London, according to the organisers. Logistics for a full show might not be as achievable, however.

I would not say no to David Tennant hosting the return of The Crystal Maze, one-off or full series, but there is naturally a lot of calls for original host Richard O’Brien to put on his fur jacket once more…

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