The First Gay Mormon Superhero Comic?!?!

There’s a new character in the comic book market that is shaking things up a bit. The new comic from So Super Duper Comics, is called Stripling Warrior, and it centers around Sam Shepherd, an openly gay Mormon man who sees an angel on his wedding day urging him be “the hand of God on earth.”

The author, Brian Andersen, chose to write this story because: “I wanted to mine the religious lore and mythology of the Mormon Church to empower a homosexual hero — to show that a gay character is every bit as worthy in the eyes of God as any heterosexual one.”

Andersen’s idea coupled with James Neish’s illustrations have already garnered over $9,000 on Kickstarter and a couple of issues have been released.


“My overarching vision and concept for Stripling Warrior is to tell a fun, sexy, perhaps provocative story by taking familiar superhero tropes and casting them into a comic book about an average guy who’s a gay Mormon superhero. Because everyone loves a gay Mormon, right? (Wait, what…they don’t?)”

Andersen tells the Huffington Post: “If I can tell an entertaining story that anyone can enjoy, whether you’re familiar with Mormonism or not, whether you’re homosexual or not, then I’ve done my job.”

“And if my little comic can bring some small measure of comfort and pleasure to those who’ve felt marginalized by their faith because of their sexuality then I’ve hit a touchdown. It might be silly to think a comic book can accomplish this — but I’m not opposed to being silly.”


When criticized for his characters being too stereotypically gay, Andersen responds: “Really? Can someone be too homosexual? All I know is that I’m writing from a personal and heartfelt perspective. Yeah, I’m a queeny gay, what of it? Since when did being a flamboyant homo become such a negative thing in our community? I don’t believe that “masc for masc” type dudes are the only acceptable type of gay superhero.”

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The First Gay Mormon Superhero Comic?!?!
Article Name
The First Gay Mormon Superhero Comic?!?!
Brian Andersen’s new comic, Stripling Warrior, is bringing the first gay Mormon superhero to life.