The Gay App With $27M Users That You Never Heard Of

China has its first gay social app, called Blued, and it has a modest 27 million users. Yes, it is the number one most popular gay app in the world, but you may not have heard of it because it’s most commonly used in Asia…until now, that is.

It will soon be coming to a phone near you. Geng Le is its creator. He was once a police officer married to a woman who left it all behind to pursue his sexuality and his goal of developing the perfect gay app.

What makes this app unique is all of the innovative features it boasts, such as video streaming, temporary video messaging, and a shared timeline for all of the activities of your friend’s group.

“We’re finding that people have a bit of fatigue that there hasn’t been much innovation in gay apps over the past decade or so,” admits Geng Le.

“Blued is designed to inspire more live interaction, that’s why people love the live video streaming and sharing features. It’s a refreshing break from the fairly one-dimensional ‘grid-and-chat’ format we all know so well.”

The popularity of the app has caught on, encouraging the company to release a beta version for the UK.

Le is excited. “Our UK users appreciate the sociality of Blued. It’s a space to share, discover and socialise according to your actual life and who you are individually. That’s very important to us.”

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