The Great British Bake Off Will “Stay the Same”

There has been a lot of sadness among Bake Off fans, as of course the show will be leaving it’s home at the BBC to go to Channel 4. Because of this, several key people have announced their departure from the show.

Naturally, this means that the show will most likely be missing something when it makes it’s migration to Channel 4. However¬†Paul Hollywood, the only celebrity participant to follow the show to it’s new home, has reassured us that the format will “stay exactly the same”.

He said:¬†“The Bake Off won’t change in the sense that the format will stay exactly the same, the tent will stay the same, [as will] the challenges.”

Paul spoke about the Great British Bake Off’s surprise move to Channel 4 on the Christmas special of the Jonathan Ross show, saying how he was given very little warning about the switch.

He said: “It was between the production company and the BBC and they then moved to Channel 4 and obviously it came down to… my job was still there and I didn’t want to lose my job. I love doing what I do. We knew they were talking, there were negotiations going on. We had no idea that we were going to move until it actually happened.”

“Ultimately, it comes down to when the bakers get in the tent next year, then it will be a special thing. I’m really excited about it and I think it will do a great job, I’m going to make sure that we keep it the same.”

While it’s definitely good that at least one key person on the celebrity side will be remaining to try and preserve the Bake Off, there are definitely valid concerns that the show will be a pale shadow of it’s former self with the loss of Mel, Sue and Mary Berry.

While Love Productions are on the always important hunt for contestants, it’s even more critical that they find the right people to fill in the spots left by the missing celebrities. The wrong choice, coupled with the move to a different network, could spell the end for the Bake Off.

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The Great British Bake Off Will "Stay the Same"
Article Name
The Great British Bake Off Will "Stay the Same"
Paul Hollywood has reassured us that the Great British Bake Off will "stay the same", despite the move to Channel 4.