The Latest on Eric Porterfield

After the upheaval over comments made by West Virginia House of Delegate’s own Eric Porterfield about “the LGBT,” both Democrats and Republicans have voiced their condemnation of the views. Today, the West Virginia GOP officially denounced Porterfield’s words, and the Republican Party’s Chairwoman Melody Potter stated, “These comments are unacceptable… They have no place in America.” The West Virginia Democratic Party has already called for Porterfield to resign, and their chairwoman equally expressed that “West Virginia has no room for someone who expresses such hate.” After facing bipartisan criticism for his extreme views comparing the “LGBT to the KKK” and using derogatory terminology, news and media outlets reacted fiercely. Instead of clarifying any misunderstandings or apologizing for his hurtful statements, Porterfield defended his views some more and then gave a very strange interview on a local TV station in West Virginia. When asked what he would do if he had a homosexual child, he responded that he would see if they could swim. Confused and still angry, lawmakers and the public are asking for swift action.