The Moments that Defined 2016 – Top Google Searches

2016 has been quite the rollercoaster, and will probably remembered as the year when a lot of things thought incredible unlikely actually came to pass. It’s also been a year when a lot of legends and talented people have passed on, making 2016 a year that many of us can’t wait to leave behind.

Here we have the moments that defined 2016, as told to us by Google. After a billion searches in this turbulent year, Google have compiled  the top searches in various categories in the US, which gives us a pretty good idea of the moments that defined 2016.

The number one search was, rather uninterestingly, “powerball”. Hardly surprising that a lot of people’s minds were on money. We also saw Prince and David Bowie make the top seven, however they were beaten to the top five by, a game that is essentially Snake but in multiplayer against other people.

Focusing to just people for the moment, unsurprisingly Donald Trump was the most searched person. Given his rather controversial election as the next President of the United States, this is hardly surprising. He was closely followed by his rival Hillary Clinton, who was one of only two women to break the top 10. However, when focusing even more on just musicians, six of the top ten spots were taken by women, including Beyonce and Tayana Taylor.

As anyone undoubtedly knows, Google gets a ton of “how to” searches. A lot of them are probably attempts at problem solving like, “How to fix Windows 10” or some such. We saw “how to register to vote” get beaten to the top spot by “how to play Pokemon GO”, which is simultaneously amusing and unsurprising. Let’s not forget that Pokemon GO is the most downloaded app ever, and has beaten giants like Candy Crush in the profits race.


Love them or hate them, memes now have a firm place in our culture, so you might be wondering what the most popular were over the year. Shocking no one ever, Harambe made the top of the list, beating out Damn Daniel, Dat Boi and even Pokemon GO. The “what is” type searches were, as you might expect, leaning quite heavily towards election related questions, such as “what are the electoral votes”.


2016 has been a difficult year for many reasons, and one of them was undoubtedly the amount of losses that we had this year. So many legendary people have passed away recently, all of them with their own legacy left behind. Google tracked searches on those losses, as well as people’s searches on their favourite actors and actresses who are thankfully still with us.

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The Moments that Defined 2016 - Top Google Searches
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The Moments that Defined 2016 - Top Google Searches
2016 has been a turbulent year, so let's take a look at the moments that defined 2016.