The Notebook TV Series In Development

The Notebook didn’t start out as a stormer hit, but over the years has very much become a sensation, eventually bringing in $116,117,340 internationally.

So, it’s rather surprising that it has taken this long to take this cult classic and turn it into a ┬átelevised series. But finally, the US broadcast The CW have stepped up to the plate.


The series will naturally be focused on a different period of the lives of Allie and Noah’s lives, most likely the version of the story that takes place after World War II. So, the story will follow Noah and Allie as they start their romance and build their lives together.

The CW usually take on superhero or action adventure projects, but they have been broadening their view lately with shows such as Reign and Jane The Virgin. Nicholas Sparks, the writer of The Notebook film, will be having his production company driving it, with the man himself having input as executive producer.