The Pride of HSBC

HSBC actively supoprts LGBT diversity


With a gay European CEO, HSBC is working constantly to ensure workplace diversity, not just in the UK but all over the world.

At HSBC we believe that having a diverse and inclusive culture is key to our business success.

Our ambition is to be recognised as the world’s leading international bank. We will achieve this by focusing on the needs of our employees, customers and the societies we serve. By having employees who represent and reflect our society, we will be better able to address issues and opportunities for our customers.

So in practice, what does that really mean for our colleagues?

We’re looking at our policies and processes to make sure they’re as inclusive as they can be, and working hard to improve our ranking in the Stonewall index. We’re doing well – having moved 248 places in only 3 years to reach number 70 this year – but we want to be even better.

We know that our LGBT+ employees value having openly LGBT+ role models to inspire them to succeed in reaching their goals and have a great role model in European CEO Antonio Simoes, but we also believe that you can be a role model at any level of the business and so we make sure we showcase the successes of all L, G, B and T employees.

We know that as a London headquartered company, our focus could easily be London centric. However, our fantastic employee network has worked hard to increase events around the country on topics including: coming out stories, surrogacy and adoption, bullying and mental fitness. Colleagues dial in from around the world to attend events and we also have networks in countries as diverse as Hong Kong, the Philippines, Canada and Mexico.

In the UK, we host monthly lunches for LGBT+ colleagues to get together and network with other LGBT+ colleagues. We also started a trans call to connect colleagues who didn’t get to meet other trans employee members – it was so successful that we’ve now opened it to other companies and other countries. All other events are open to all employees, whether LGBT+ or not, and are extremely popular.

Most importantly though, we ask our colleagues what we need to do. We survey all colleagues to understand key topics and we have open exchanges on LGBT+ issues with senior leaders to understand what is working – and not working – for LGBT+ colleagues and customers at HSBC. Then we change things.

One big change was that people wanted to march in Pride as employees of the bank, and so last year 230 people from as far afield as Poland and Aberdeen joined the #HSBCpride bus and danced their way through the streets of London! We had so much fun that we came back to London this year and also proudly joined the Pride march in Birmingham – which is set to become the new UK home and head office of our UK bank, in 2018.


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