The Royal Vauxhall Tavern Is Now A Listed Building

After eight months of waiting, the oldest LGBTQ+ pub, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, is now a listed building.

This is a rather historic move, as this makes the Royal Vauxhall Tavern the first place to be a listed building for it’s place in LGBTQ+ history.

This has been officially confirmed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and you can take a look at that here.

Amy Lame, who runs the popular RVT Saturday night feature Duckie, had this to say: “The listing is a fantastic milestone for our community and a victory against the odds for our beloved pub. We look forward to continuing our work to ensure the RVT remains a vibrant space of LGBTQ community and culture for generations to come. The RVT now joins New York’s Stonewall Inn, home of the gay liberation movement, in being officially recognised for its contribution to social history. We thank our many, many supporters from across London and further afield.”

This doesn’t make it the end, though. As you all know, the sale of the RVT was revealed last year. The company, Immovate, have claimed that a listing would force a closure of the historic venue.

However, many other listed London pubs thrive, and use the listing as a promotional tool.

Rob Holley, who is RVT Future campaign manager and Push The Button promoter, had this to say: “We’re chuffed to bits but our work isn’t finished! We’re now calling upon Immovate to finally talk to us, so we can all ensure this special venue continues to flourish at what it does best: serving the community.”

“If Immovate don’t think they can make the Tavern work as a listed pub, we invite them to open discussions about a community buy-out. Sell it to a group of people who actually have faith in the commercial viability of this phenomenal venue. We have the means to do this and some exciting ideas about how the RVT could be improved for everybody. Meanwhile, we invite everyone who cherishes the Tavern to join us at the bar to celebrate!”

Thanks, RVT Future.