The Savage Lovecast– Podcast Recommendation

Podcasts are awesome. If you have not yet discovered how podcasts can change your life, let us assure you– podcasts can totally enhance your life is numerous ways. You can listen to podcasts while commuting, grocery shopping, exercising or waiting at the doctor’s office. And the new content available is so varied and of such high quality that no matter what your tastes or interests are, you can find a podcast that you will totally get addicted to.

And that brings us to one of our favorite podcasts—The Savage Lovecast. This podcast has been around for a while now but it is a new discovery for us.

The weekly show is run by Dan Savage, an author and advocate for the LGBT community, who writes Savage Love, a sex advice column. Savage and his husband are founders of the It Gets Better Project, focused on preventing LGBT suicides.

On the weekly podcast, Savage answers questions from listeners who call in about their relationship and sex dilemmas. He will also occasionally bring in professionals, such as doctors and sex therapists, when the listener problems are out of his scope of knowledge. His approach to sex, relationships, and the periphery of both is very positive and encouraging. The Savage Love is consistently on the list of top 20 podcasts for iTunes, and we strongly recommend you check it out!

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The Savage Lovecast Podcast Recommendation
Article Name
The Savage Lovecast Podcast Recommendation
We want to share with you one of our favorite podcasts—The Savage Lovecast.