The Sun Falsely Claims Ofcom Is Investigating London Spy

Both The Sun and The Daily Mail have falsely reported that BBC show London Spy was being investigated by Ofcom due to gay sex scenes.

The complaints from these “newspapers” aside, London Spy has received praise pretty much across the board from critics and viewers alike. Despite this, and the fact that London Spy was shown after the watershed, both papers criticised the “explicit” gay sex scene.

They originally claimed that Ofcom was investigating the show due to a total of thirteen (yes, thirteen) complaints, but Ofcom quickly denied this. They even clarified that they only received a single complaint regarding the show.

An Ofcom spokesperson had this to say: “We assessed one complaint about a sex scene in London Spy on BBC Two. In our view the scene was appropriately scheduled after the watershed. We therefore won’t be investigating the programme. Our broadcasting rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples.”

I think we would all also like to point out, that if you’re viewing a program with content you personally don’t like – for whatever reason, you can just change the channel.

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Article Name
The Sun Falsely Claims Ofcom Is Investigating London Spy
The Sun (and The Daily Mail) falsely claimed that Ofcom is investigating London Spy, due to the gay sex scene.