The Three Jenners That You Want To Watch

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the Jenner family are one of the most influential celebrity families right now.While Caitlyn and her story is being an inspiration to transgender people, she is also killing it with her style and fashion. Meanwhile, her daughters Kylie and Kendall are some of the most influential figures at the moment for younger teenagers.


Naturally the first up is Caitlyn Jenner, as she has to be the most courageous out of the Jenner family.  To undertake plastic surgery to become a woman,  and to look  as beautiful as she does is breath taking, and she doesn’t stop there. Her fashion, hair, makeup and other womanly traits are better than some women who were born female. In the picture to the right, she is wearing a classic LBD (little black dress) which really compliments her figure.

Caitlyn is definitely one to be watched as no  doubt she is nowhere near done a impressing and shocking us all.  She even had a trend on twitter #myvanityfaircover where transgender people were posting their  own magazine covers under inspiration of Caitlyn.

In no particular order now, Kendall Jenner is the next to look at.  Like most female celebrities there are three things most  looked at when it comes to Kendall: her makeup, clothes, and her body. Kendall’s fashion is normally quite classic and  simple, as shown in the picture to the left where her and Khloe are killing the simply black look.

As for her makeup and her  body, as a model it is quite natural for her to have to look perfect, so she is never going to be seen in public looking any less  than that. She has 12.3 million followers on Twitter and 35.6 million on Instagram, showing how many people see her  posts every day, mainly showing herself whether it’s her outfit or her body, Kendall knows what she has to show off. She also has shared an advert for Estee Lauder makeup on her Instagram, so even the most top designers want Kendall to represent them.

Then finally there is Kylie Jenner, who is also one to be watching right now, her growing popularity has boosted her career in modelling just like the other Jenners.  The most popular thing about Kylie is most likely to be her hair, as she has gorgeous black hair that she (or her stylist) does beautifully.

She has also dyed it a blue colour that suits her very well and she definitely created a hair inspiration for girls and women everywhere. Like her sister, she is very popular on social media websites, she has 34 million followers on Instagram and 11.3 million on twitter. Again, this shows how many people are seeing her fashion, makeup and hair in each post (as most are ‘selfies’) which they themselves are mostly likely to copy.

Only recently turning 18, Kylie Jenner is most popular with young women and her style is generally seen copied or interpreted by them.  As a model she is obviously popular with the male generation as well, so she also idealised as a perfect woman so others will work up to be like her to reach the same goal.