The Truth Behind Ellen And Portia’s Marriage

Ellen and Portia de Rossi are constantly fighting off split up rumors, but what is their marriage really like behind closed doors?

Recently, Portia revealed just how close the two women really are. “We’re just really good friends and we talk about everything, and we never ever, ever lie to each other, like, not even the tiniest lies.”

She told Entertainment Tonight: “And she’s the only person I want to hang out with. She is my best friend and I just want to be with her all the time. She’s just so awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be with Ellen all the time?”

Back in September, de Rossi took to the Howard Stern show to combat the perpetual break up rumors. “We really don’t almost break-up, we don’t fight, we’re madly in love, and I guess it’s boring.”

A few weeks ago, the love birds were spotted in the Caribbean, having lunch on a yacht with Kendell Jenner and Harry Styles.

Portia reflected on her new friends: “We just talked and hung out for a little bit, and they’re lovely people and we just had fun. They’re really great. I love Harry especially, and I’m just getting to know Kendall, but you know, they’re great.”

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The Truth Behind Ellen And Portia’s Marriage
Article Name
The Truth Behind Ellen And Portia’s Marriage
Portia di Rossi speaks candidly about what her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres is really like.