The Walking Dead Suffers Backlash After Killing Lesbian Character

This is your one and only warning. If you’re not up to date on The Walking Dead season 6, evacuate now!


We good? Ok, cool.

The Walking Dead is almost Game of Thrones level in it’s love for killing off characters left and right, and the latest episode brought with it another shock death. However, this particular death has caused quite the backlash from fans.

In the latest episode of season six, named “Twice As Far”, we see Denise die thanks to an arrow through the eye, fired by Dwight with Daryl’s crossbow.

It didn’t take long for the criticisms to begin. Shortly after episode 14 aired, there was an article on Vanity Fair which described Denise’s death as “part of a troubling TV trend”. They are referring to the fact that three lesbian characters have been killed across three different shows in a pretty short space of time.

The writer of the Vanity Fair article, Joanna Robinson, says that this is a pretty clear case of writers utilising the “well-established trope known as ‘Bury Your Gays'” and there seems to be a large cry of agreement from fans of the show.

What undoubtedly makes things even worse, is that this scene plays out exactly as it does in the graphic novels, but with one key difference: in the graphic novels, Abraham dies, not Denise.

People are also making the argument that this trope, also known as “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” is heightened by the fact that Carl managed to survive a bullet to the eye but the arrow manages to kill Denise instantly.

Naturally, fans aren’t best pleased to see one of only two lesbians in the show killed off in place of a male character. While I like Abraham very much, it is frustrating to see this trope so often. However there is definitely an argument to be made that the showrunners didn’t want to kill off a popular character, so they put a minor one in the crosshairs instead.

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The Walking Dead Suffers Backlash After Killing Lesbian Character
Article Name
The Walking Dead Suffers Backlash After Killing Lesbian Character
A lesbian character died in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, causing some backlash from fans.