There 's something fishy about BioCorrex

Pride Life interviews Marketing Manager Jason Bissessur on why he champions BioCorrex all the way

Who are you, and what 's your role at BioCorrex?
Hi my name is Jason Bissessur, and I 'm the Marketing Manager at BioCorrex Nutraceuticals.

How long have BioCorrex products been on the market?
After 3 years in development, BioCorrex celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its launch in March this year.

UberSkin Plus Collagen Tub + Scoop with powderWhich is your most popular product?
Difficult question! I suppose UberSkin ™ (the collagen formula) has had an incredible following since it launched last year. Plus, our ProSkin BiOmega ™ (one of the highest omega 3 fish oil doses in the industry) has had innumerable emails from customers who 've said that it 's helped with acne to such an extent that they now feel more confident walking outside in front of people again. Customers who 've tried Skin Beauty ™ say it 's their 'go-to ' product for actually changing their skin – there 's definitely a loyal following for that, and we have many occasions where we 've sold out within days of supplying Harvey Nichols and Planet Organic (where we 're stocked). It makes for problems in our logistics department but it 's a happy problem!

Skin Beauty Box + sachet + 5 capsulesWhy should someone choose BioCorrex products over other similar (and cheaper) products on the market?
Because we create potent, high quality products, not only do our formulas all produce noticeable differences to your skin and hair, our products do not contain any additives. We are one of the 'cleanest ' nutritional supplement brands in the industry — we never add bulking agents, fillers, and harmful preservatives. We have one ingredients list and every single ingredient on that list is active. We know that no other supplement brand you find on the high street can provide that.

How do BioCorrex products reduce the signs of ageing?
Most people are new to the idea that the skin is simply an organ — and organs simply reflect the state of what 's actually happening on the inside of your body. You wouldn 't put a moisturiser on your liver! The signs of ageing, as you call it, are just the symptoms of your body suffering from lifestyle damage (sun damage, sugar, alcohol, over exercising, stress) and not receiving enough (or the right type of) nutrition. If you change what you put 'inside ' your body, these skin symptoms, or ageing as we call it, will dramatically change. Simple.

After an initial course is it necessary to continue taking the supplements?
We generally say to do a course of 3 months with all our products, and once specific changes in your body and skin have taken place, switch to an upkeep or maintenance dose which would be simply taking the supplement once every two or three days.

Can you name any celebrities who use BioCorrex products?
We have loads of celebrities that swear by our product (but we have agency contracts that don 't allow us to disclose the A-List Hollywood stars so I can 't quote them!) However, in the UK we 've had celebrities such as Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly, and also Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue, who are loyal fans.

BioCorrex was at Gay Pride in London this year. What did that mean to you?
Whilst everyone in the office felt that we needed to introduce our brand to the gay market as gay men are renowned for being body beautiful and taking care of themselves, as a gay man myself I felt really strongly that BioCorrex should be represented fully at Gay Pride, especially considering how important this year has been for the gay community in terms of finally being given the legal right to officially marry.

Where can people buy BioCorrex products?
You can buy online on our website We are also available in Harvey Nichols stores across the UK, Planet Organic, Amazon and select pharmacies.

What do you find most satisfying about working for BioCorrex?
It 's got to be the buzz of working for such a young company. I feel we 're really changing people 's lives by giving them the confidence to feel good about themselves again. I know the beauty industry isn 't the be all and end all, but there is definitely something in receiving daily emails from men or women, of any age, telling you that BioCorrex has changed their skin and given them new-found confidence. That 's pretty special! 