Theresa May Set to be UK Prime Minister as Leadsom Quits

It has been an interesting battle for the Prime Minister’s seat after David Cameron announced his resignation, but it now may have been decided who will be the leader of the Conservative party.

The main two contenders, before today, were Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, who has recently come under fire for her recent comments which implied she was better suited for the job because she had children.

Now, Leadsom has dropped out, leaving Theresa May set to become the new PM and the one to lead the UK into Brexit.

When resigning from the race, Leadsom said that the UK needs a “strong and stable government” and that May was “ideally placed”to lead the country through Brexit.

There have been some comments, of course, about how May had campaigned to remain within the EU, but has said: “Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it.”

In her official statement, Leadsom said: “Strong leadership is needed urgently to begin the work of withdrawing from the European Union. A nine-week leadership campaign at such a critical moment is highly undesirable.”

“Nevertheless, this is less than 25% of the parliamentary party and after careful consideration I do no believe this is sufficient support to lead a strong and stable government should I win the leadership election.”

She expressed her gratitude to the 84 people who have supported her bid to be Tory leader.

“There is no greater privilege than to lead the Conservative Party in government and I would have been deeply honoured to do it. I have however concluded that the interests of our country are best served by the immediate appointment of a strong and well-supported prime minister. I am therefore withdrawing from the leadership election, and I wish Mrs May the very greatest success.”

However, May won’t be formally confirmed as party leader until the Conservative Party board had been consulted, but chairman Graham Brady said there is “no need to re-run the election”.

The contest for the leasdership position was initially supposed to stop on September 9, and while there is no timetable in place yet, Brady said it won’t be “nine weeks” until her succession. The party could opt to vote in another contender, but as Leadsom pointed out, a lengthy election is not in the best interest of the party.

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Theresa May Set to be UK Prime Minister as Leadsom Quits
Article Name
Theresa May Set to be UK Prime Minister as Leadsom Quits
Theresa May is set to be the UK Prime Minster as Andrea Leadsom quits the race for Tory leader.