This Year’s Super Bowl Will Welcome LGBT; Next Year’s Won’t

Santa Clara, the city in which the Super Bowl is held this year, is LGBT protected, which is great news for the community. Laws are in place in the city to prevent LGBT discrimination with regards to accommodations and local businesses, so the gay population can feel welcome and safe.

Offering even more cultural significance, this is the first time in Super Bowl history that LGBT-owned businesses will be able to bid on contracts related directly to the Super Bowl. Are you as surprised as we are to discover that this is first time LGBT companies will be included? Absolutely! But regardless, this is good news.

Shockingly, however, the LGBT community will not continue to be protected during next year’s game. 2017’s Super Bowl will be held in Houston, a city whose citizens recently voted to rescind a non-discrimination ordinance. By doing so, the city now allows local businesses to openly and legally discriminate against LGBT individuals. Boo…

So, in short, we cheer for the Super Bowl this year and boycott it next year!

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