Thousands Call for Equality at Hong Kong Pride Parade

Hong Kong had their LGBT Pride event over the weekend, and it seems it went down a treat as it had attendees in the thousands.

The annual event, which like many other Pride events brings in LGBT people and allies from all across the city (and beyond), saw roughly 7,000 people march for LGBT equality despite the miserable weather. This included Hong Kong’s first openly gay lawmaker Ray Chan.

Ray Chan spoke to AFP, saying: “After decades, we still do not have anti-discrimination laws and marriage equality is still far away.”

He also said that he has many friends who work within the government and teaching, who find it difficult to reveal their sexual orientation in the workplace or otherwise.

“I hope that one day with our hard work, they can openly attend pride parade,” he said.

Of course, homosexuality is legal in Hong Kong, but same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognised and as Ray pointed out, they are also lacking anti-discrimination laws that can make life difficult for LGBT people.

Steve Imrie, a headmaster in neighbouring Guangzhou, had this to say: “Hong Kong should be much more forward-thinking than the rest of the country, so we are looking for Hong Kong to be allowing same-sex marriage, and China should follow it, hopefully.”

You can see some photos from the parade below.

Can't rain on our parade💦

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