Thousands March Against Marriage Equality in Paris

Same-sex marriage has been legal in France since 2013, but with a new presidential election on the horizon, thousands of anti-gay protestors took to the streets to revive the topic in the public and political mind.

There was a fairly strong showing of 24,000 protestors, but it’s important to remember that this is far fewer than than the group Demo for All managed to gather in 2012 and 2013. The organisers of the protestors also estimated a turnout of 200,000. As we mentioned, there is a new presidential election coming up for France, so same-sex marriage opponents are hoping to put the pressure on right wing candidates.

The protestors against marriage equality carried banners which read: “All together for the family,” and “In 2017, I’ll vote for the family.”

One protestor spoke to Reuters, saying: “Even if the gay marriage law has been adopted, we will continue the protest to show that it is not good and we want it to be repealed. We want to influence the political debate that will take place in the coming months.”

However, according to opinion polls, the majority of French people don’t want the Marriage for All equality law to be repealed. Also the Republican ticket hopeful, former President Nicolas Sarkozy, has said that he would not repeal the law if he was returned to office. Why? Simply put, France has bigger problems than a bunch of people who love each other getting married.

He said: “I believe France has many other important issues to deal with such as security, terrorism and unemployment, rather than recreate conditions for another hysterical debate.”

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Thousands March Against Marriage Equality in Paris
Article Name
Thousands March Against Marriage Equality in Paris
Thousands have marched against marriage equality in Paris with the hope of getting it repealed.