Threats Won’t Stop Jerusalem Trans Pride March

Tomorrow with see the 14th Annual March for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem, as both a celebration and a challenge to those opposing LGBT rights in Israel.

According to the event organisers, religious communities within the city have come to accept the LGBT community in recent years, both right wing and conservative activists are still actively working against gay rights, as well as inciting homophobia.

Apparently, they have been focusing on the trans community as of late, which is why the focus of the march this year is on transgender people and has been given the name “transforming Jerusalem”.

A spokesperson said: “The transgender community of Jerusalem faces more violent acts, extreme social exclusion and institutional discrimination than any other part of the LGBT community. Thus, the March will endorse gender diversity, explaining that gender is so much more than ‘one or the other.’

“We will fight for our rights and celebrate Jerusalem as the multicultural city, which belongs to everyone regardless of identity.”


Naturally, the anti-gay section of the Jerusalem community won’t stay quiet, and in a recent interview  conservative activist Rabbi Efraim Holzberg, warned of “disasters of water and fire unless a large protest was held, causing the cancellation of the March.”

He will be joined by extreme right wing organization, Lehava who will be protesting the march “holding offensive signs warning of the impact of the LGBT community on children.”