Three Adults Only Holiday Destinations in Europe

Summer is well and truly here, and while many like to plan their holidays well in advance, some prefer slightly more spontaneous outings. Going on holiday with the family can be fun, but sometimes, you just want a relaxing holiday with friends, or some much needed alone time with your partner.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at 10 adults only and adults friendly holiday destinations in Europe.

These recommendations are based on feedback from the people staying at these resorts, from sites such as TripAdvisor and other review sites. Sadly I haven’t had the pleasure of staying at any of them. Maybe that will change!

The Magnolia Resort in Katelios, Greece. 

Not only does this hotel have excellent ratings, it also has an all round score of four and a half out of five on TripAdvisor.

The location is itself is touted as a great adults only hotel, meaning that if you’re after some peace and quiet as well as sand and sun, this might be for you. The resort has all the trimmings with a pool, spa, bar, hot tub and gym. It even comes with a free breakfast, which is always nice for saving just that little bit of cash.

It’s also fairly close to the beach and various other attractions in Katelios.


Given that this is a swanky resort with the added bonus of being adults only in such a glorious location, this holiday won’t come cheap. Booking in late August, you will be paying about £586pp (including flights) for seven nights. That’s based off the pricing at Thomas Cook.

Next up is Club Jandia Princess Hotel, Spain.

While this location, looking at the feedback from people who have stayed there, is not exclusively for adults like the Magnolia, it does have adults only areas. Which is a nice compromise, especially in Spain, which is a hotspot for family holidays.

This is a four star hotel with excellent ratings, and also features beachfront access, a pool, bar, tennis court and gym. As mentioned, it has two areas: family friendly and adults only, so this is still a good option for a childfree holiday.

It’s also a bit more affordable, as it is available from £438pp all inclusive, according to Thomson.

To round this off, let’s finish with the Alba Royal Hotel, Turkey. This is described as 14+ adults only hotel, so while there will undoubtedly be teenagers with their families, this still seems like an ideal destination for those looking for a more relaxed holiday.


It also has access to a pool and beachfront, as well as a bar, tennis court, gym and spa. There’s also the option for free breakfast and free wifi as well. At the moment, it seems to be available for £376 for three nights at a slightly reduced price.

Both the hotel and location are absolutely stunning, and seeing that it’s Turkey, it’s a sure fire destination for lots of sun and culture.

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you more adults only/adults friendly holiday spots, both in Europe and elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled and happy holidays!

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Three Adults Only Holiday Destinations in Europe
Article Name
Three Adults Only Holiday Destinations in Europe
Three adults only holiday destinations in Europe, perfect for your summer holiday this year.