Three More Black Trans Women Killed In The US | What Is Happening?

The total amount of murders of trans women is now up to a horrible sixteen, after three more murders were reported last week.

The first was Kandis Capri, who was shot three or four times outside her apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona at 10.30pm on August 11. According to a report from the Rainbow Hub, this happened after she attempted to intervene in a domestic dispute. Read that report here.

Rather worryingly, local media did not initially report the incident.

A mere two days later, on August 13, the body of Elisha Walker was found in a “crude grave” in Smithfield, North Carolina. She had been reported missing quite some time ago – November last year.

Someone has been charged with her murder, however: a Latin Kings gang member, Angel Dejesus Arias.

Shade Schuler was actually found in Dallas on July 29. However, her body was so horribly decomposed that it took the police two weeks to identify her by her tattoos.


Let’s not forget, that last week we had the murders of Ashton O’ Hara and Amber Monroe reported.

According to Wikipedia, 20 trans women were killed in the entirety of last year, and  only seven in 2013. This year we are already up to the awful figure of 16, just what is happening, and what can be done to stop it?

Naturally, the alarming amount of murders occurring this year is spreading fear across the trans community. One person commented via Facebook: “This is just so crazy it seems like you cant go one week without finding out another Sister was murdered.”

Shade Schuler’s cousin, Chaaz Quigley also chimed in, expressing his doubt that Shade’s murder will be investigated thoroughly: “Unless they have a strong lead, it’s not going to be investigated – it’s going to be thrown under the table just because of who Schuler is.”