Three Queer Female Authors Worth Reading

A popular topic among book lovers is diversity—reading books by authors who are varied by gender, nationality, geography, etc. But few readers talk about the need to diversify based on sexual orientation. LGBT authors are often not as well-known as their heterosexual counterparts. But we hope to change that. Today we are bringing you three queer authors whose works are engaging, beautiful and diverse. We definitely think you should check them out.


Julie Anne Peters

Julie Anne Peters is a beloved and well-respected novelist in the young adult category, but her books are just as loved by adult audiences. Luna is one of the books she’s best known for. It takes a serious look at the life of a transgender teen in the midst of transitioning from a boy to a girl. It won numerous awards, and Peters has said herself: “Yes, I am gay and/or lesbian. (Does that make me twice as queer?)”


Carson McCullers

McCullers’ masterpiece is the acclaimed novel, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. It tackles hot button issues such as race, gender and sexuality. The characters often struggle with their own gender identity. In her writings, there is much evidence pointing to the fact the McCullers felt that she was born a man, rather than a woman. Her depictions of gender identity and sexuality were quite revolutionary for their time.


Alison Bechdel

Alison Bechdel is a best known for her long-running queer comic, Dykes To Watch Out For, and has candid and dark memoir, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. She’s also known for coming up with the famous Bechdel test, which analyzes the strength of female characters in a work of fiction. The test essentially asks whether the two women in a scene are discussing something (anything) other than a man. If so, the scene passes her test.

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Article Name
Three Queer Female Authors Worth Reading
Today we are bringing you three queer authors whose works are engaging, beautiful and diverse.