Tom Daley criticises Commonwealth anti-gay laws

Diver Tom Daley, who has just won a gold medal with Dan Goodfellow in the 10m synchronised event in the Commonwealth Games in Australia’s Gold Coast, has called on more Commonwealth countries to decriminalise homosexuality.

Currently being gay is illegal in 37 countries of the Commonwealth.

Daley said that by the next Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 more Commonwealth countries should legalise homosexuality.

Daley, who is married to film maker Dustin Lance Black, said: “There are 37 countries where it’s illegal to be who I am out of all the Commonwealth so hopefully we can reduce that number between now and then.

“Coming to the Gold Coast and being able to live as an openly gay man is really important in being able to feel comfortable with who you are when standing on that diving board. For 37 countries that are here participating that’s very much not the case.”

He also spoke about competing in May’s World Diving Series in Russia, where same-sex marriages are not recognised.

“Going to Russia can be scary – you’ve got to compete in front of lots of people who know I’ve got a husband,” he said.

“You have to face those things and try and make change.”