Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz for President

[pb_lay_raw]Even though we recently reported that Tony Perkins, the notoriously famous anti-LGBT leader and head of the Family Research Council, aided in writing Trump’s speeches, he has turned direction now and endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

Why change candidates? Maybe Perkins was angry at Trump for blaming him for the Two Corinthians mistake? If you hadn’t heard, Trump spoke about the Biblical verse, “two Corinthians,” rather than “Second Corinthians” during a speech at Liberty University. When his wording was questioned, Trump said: “Tony Perkins wrote that out for me — he actually wrote out 2, he wrote out the number 2 Corinthians.”

But regardless of the reasoning, the homophobic, gay bashing Perkins decided to announce his support of the equal LGBT intolerant, Ted Cruz.

Perkins said: “Ted is a constitutional conservative who will fight for faith, family and freedom. He will defend our right to believe and live according to those beliefs. Our families will be protected and freedom will once again mean something in America.”

He then added: “I trust Ted to fight to pull America out of the political and cultural tailspin that President Obama’s policies have put us in. This is no normal election; this election is about the very survival of our Constitution and our republic.”

Let’s hope that Perkins’ support is not too impactful in this election and Cruz does not make it to that Oval Office.

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Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz for President
Article Name
Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz for President
The infamous anti-LGBT leader, Tony Perkins, has endorsed Ted Cruz for president.