Top Five Gay Friendly Countries

In the event that you are putting together your travel plans for this year, we’ve compiled a list of the most gay-friendly countries. We factored in such things as the population’s acceptance of the LGBT community, the country’s gay marriage legislation, and the local gay scenes. You may find your next vacation spot listed below!

  1. Canada

Canada is one of the most respectful, open, and accepting countries regarding the LGBT community. 80% of its citizens support gay marriage, and same-sex marriage was legalized a long time ago in 2003.

  1. Germany

Germany’s population is incredibly accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. 87% of the population support the gay community, and every town has a gay pride parade or festival. However, gay marriage laws have not yet been brought up-to-speed with its progressive society, and same sex marriage is not yet legal (hopefully that will change soon!).

  1. Belgium

This country was the second to legalize gay marriage and is quite broad-minded in its views. The majority of its citizens believe that all countries in the Union should be made to permit same sex marriage. The country has a very vibrant gay scene, which attracts folks from neighboring countries as well.

  1. Netherlands

This country was the first to legalize gay marriage. Over 85% support gay marriage and gay adoption. Gay marriage has been permitted for many years, and it is widely accepted by its citizens. The gay culture is rich and welcoming.

  1. Spain

This country wins as most accepting of homosexuality with 88% of the population supporting gay marriage. Also, there is a very lively gay scene that is applauded by its citizens. Spain also offers many gay beaches, restaurants, and bars.

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Top Five Gay Friendly Countries
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Top Five Gay Friendly Countries
We have compiled a list of the top five most gay friendly countries