Top Five Gay Travel Locations

Gay dating app, Scruff, joined the New York Times to release the results of a survey listing the five most popular gay travel destinations in the world.

Over 1,300 men from across all the continents participated in the survey. They found that these are the top travel locations for gay men:


  1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Tel Aviv, Israel
  2. Ongonquit, Maine / Lisbon Portugal
  3. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware / Saugutuck, Michigan
  4. Beirut, Lebanon / Budapest, Hungary
  5. Willimstead, Curacao / Salt Lake City, Utah / Cape Town, South Africa



The survey findings also found that gay men travel more than the rest of the population and often spend more money as well.

Scruff is using this information to launch their new business extension, Scruff Venture. This new program will allow users to add in additional travel data into Scruff. People can add the names of cities they will be traveling to and then users will be connected to other Scruff members once they arrive to their trip location.