Top Six Gay Friendly Cities in the World

Last week we posted our list of the top five gay friendly countries. This week, let’s look at our rankings for the top six gay friendly cities around the world. Some of the picks may surprise you!

6. New Zealand

While not a city, this small island country is both progressive and welcoming of the LGBT community. It was the first country to have the “gay/lesbian friendly” designation applied to local bars, shops, and accommodations. New Zealand also has a huge network of LGBT friendly homestays, and actively works to attract same-sex tourism.

5. London, England

This one is probably no surprise, as London is home to the largest LGBT community in Europe. Their Pride is also one of the largest, and they host the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The SoHo district is known everywhere as an LGBT mecca with countless gay bars, clubs, and restaurants featured throughout. Gay friendly cafes and hotels are really located anywhere you go, as London’s vibrant LGBT scene spills out from SoHo to the entire city.

4. Berlin, Germany

Berlin does not shy away from proudly displaying all of the LGBT friendly resources the city has to offer. They even elected a gay mayor—Klaus Wowereit. It has a wild gay scene with non-stop parties, nude parks, a gay museum (The Schwules Museum), and a myriad of gay bars and restaurants.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Not only was Denmark the first country to accept same-sex marriage, it is also the home of the oldest gay bar, which dates back to the 1950s. It has an incredibly vivid and happening gay scene. The society is incredibly open and accepting, and there are tons of events and business designed just for the LGBT community.

2. San Francisco, United States

It should be no surprise that San Francisco made the list. The city houses the Castro district, the LGBT center and where 4,000 gay couples were married by the mayor in 2004. The Pride here is one of the largest in the world, and it has a number of other famous LGBT events, such as San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the Castro Street Fair, and the GLBT Historical Society, sometimes called the “Queer Smithsonian.”

1. Toronto, Canada

Toronto hosted WorldPride in 2014, and has always been a very open-minded city, taking great care of its LGBT population. The Village is the cultural epicenter of the city and is littered with gay friendly bars, restaurants, and shops. It is also the setting of the Pride Week Celebrations, Pride March and Dyke March.

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Top Six Gay Friendly Cities in the World
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Top Six Gay Friendly Cities in the World
We list our top six most gay friendly cities in the world.