Top UK Universities | Part One – South East

You may have seen our coverage of the top colleges and universities in the US, and now it’s time for the UK. This will be a much more in depth rundown, and will be  broken down by region. This time, we will be focusing on the South East.

All of these figures are from, which is compiled by Stonewall. They have an A-Z list of Universities, all them with a checklist. All our ratings below will be out of ten for the amount of items each university has checked off Stonewall’s list, so the higher the number, the better the uni for LGBT people. They rate each university by anti-homophobic bullying policy and mandatory training, student sexual orientation monitoring, explicit welfare support and info for LGB students, society for LGBT students, events for LGB students, consultation with LGB students, specific career advice for LGB students, LGBT Staff Network, Stonewall Diversity Champion and engagement with the wider community.


Each University’s name will be a clickable link, where you can view the Gay By Degree page for a more in depth breakdown.

Reading – 5/10

Cantebury Christ Church – 9/10

Chichester – 8/10

Portsmouth – 8/10

Brighton – 7/10

Oxford – 8/10

Kent – 6/10

Bucks New University – 4/10

Oxford Brookes – 7/10

Buckingham – 1/10

Rose Bruford College – 1/10 (This is a small institution, so do keep this in mind)

Royal Holloway – 7/10

Southhampton – 7/10

Southhampton Solent – 4/10

Surrey – 6/10

Sussex – 7/10

University for the Creative Arts – 2/10


Winchester – 6/10