Trans Activist Dies After Being “Denied Treatment” in Pakistan

A transgender activist in Pakistan who was shot several times died of her wounds today, after allegedly being denied treatment at the hospital.

Alesha was shot eight times in Peshawar on Sunday night, during a fight between several men and transgender people. At the moment, the cause of the fight is not clear, but in Pakistan transgender people are frequently victim to violence and extortion. They also sadly don’t get much protection from the police.

Alesha was transported to Lady Reading Hospital, which is where she allegedly ignored by doctors and was refused access to both the male and female wards after complaints from staff and patients.

Coordinator of Blue Veins, Qamar Naseem, said that doctors failed “failed to provide her with urgent care or necessary facilities as she was transgender. We urged LRH authorities to move Alesha to the ICU due to the nature of her injuries but they refused.”

Apparently, they placed Alesha in a curtained off bed in a hallway before finally transferring her to a private room. This was seemingly too late, as she sadly died from her injuries today (Wednesday).

However, according to the hospital it “was only acting as per the complaints of those admitted”.

Alesha was a member of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Trans Action Alliance, who are an advocacy group in Pakistan’s northwestern province. She was the fifth member of the Alliance to be attacked this year.

The group are claiming that they are being targeted by a criminal gang who are known from extorting money from transgender people, and even forcing them to be in pornographic films.

Even though trans woman, known as hijras in the country, are considered good luck and often invited to dance and perform at weddings, they are often victim to violence and discrimination.

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Trans Activist Dies After Being "Denied Treatment" in Pakistan
Article Name
Trans Activist Dies After Being "Denied Treatment" in Pakistan
Alesha, a trans activist in Pakistan, has died after being "denied treatment".