Trans Activist Says Brexit Bad For Trans Rights

The vote for the EU referendum is almost here, and there has been a lot of talk surrounding the pros and cons of both leave and remain.

However, a young trans activist by the name of Charlie Craggs, has urged students to vote remain or face the potential of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

She said that “marginalized people will feel it the most.” Craggs has made a name for herself with her Nail Transphobia campaign, where she travels the UK with a pop up nail salon where people can get their nails done for free, all toe promote transgender rights.

When talking further on the EU referendum, Charlie said: “If we leave, the ramifications on marginalized communities is going to be so great. Boris Johnson could be our prime minister. A man who has said things like “tank-top wearing bum boys. People vote for him because they think he’s a lol and a laugh, but he’s so dangerous.”

“The EU has helped produce legislation to protect us but it also means we are involved in social dialogue in the EU. We are able to bring our voice to the table. The UK is quite good at LGBT rights so I think it’s important we remain in the EU so our voice remains prevalent in that conversation. Brexit would be bad for trans rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, bi rights, intersex, literally all of us.”

She made these comments on a new podcast series produced monthly by Student Pride. Also present was Student Pride co-chair Hatti Smart, who touched on the transphobia she has witnessed Charlie face.

“One stop on the Tube was all it took to see the blatant transphobia that people like Charlie must experience on a day to day basis, going about their everyday lives. I am so proud of Charlie for just being her completely wonderful, bubbly self while a group of grown men stared, sniggered and even laughed as she got off at her stop. And what disgusted me more than anything is that no one called this out.”

Adam Lake, founder of LGBTI Brexit campaign Out & Proud, responded to a request for comment from Vote Leave, saying: “When it comes to LGBT rights the EU makes all of the rights sounds but actions speak louder than words. The UK enjoys a level of equality way beyond what is seen across many member states in the EU, and it is important that we are honest about the reason for that.”

“The argument that we need to stay in the EU to support gay rights in countries that don’t currently have them is sadly a flawed one. This really is a case where we need to look at the progress made across the EU and our role in speeding up equality. The fact is we have very little say within the EU on a number of issues and equality is one of those issues.”

“Boris Johnson has supported LGBT rights in a number of ways, including voting against the then party line for the repeal of Section 28. More recently, as Mayor of London, he ensured that controversial advertisements for ‘gay cure’ therapy were banned from public transport. We are proud to have Boris on our side.”

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