Trans People Find More Acceptance From Young People & Women, Survey Finds

A new study has found that transgender Americans might find more acceptance from young people and women.

The poll, which was conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, found that 60% of 18-29 year olds are in favour of letting transgender people use the bathroom correlating to their gender identity,with the reverse being true for people over 60.

44% of women feel that transgender people should be able to use the bathroom for the gender they identity with, and only a slightly smaller percentage (39%) of men agreed.

Overall, however, public opinion is pretty evenly split over this issue. 43% believe that people should use bathrooms based on birth sex, with 41% believing that people should be free to use them based on gender identity.

Transgender awareness seems be improving, as 92% of people were familiar with the term “transgender”. The study also looked at political leanings, with 57% of those who identify as Democrat being in favour of transgender equality in bathroom use. This is in comparison to 23% of people identifying as Republican.

Paisley Currah, a professor at Brooklyn College and author on trans issues, spoke to Reuters about the results of this poll were encouraging.

“Gender identity is a pretty new term for a lot of people so having effectively an even split on the bathroom question is a very good result. The gay rights movement in the last few years moved very quickly and I feel like the transgender movement is moving at even greater speed.”

The findings also showed that New England and the North East most accepting of transgender people. The South, South East and South West, were least accepting. Also, people who regularly attend church were found to be twice as likely to agree with anti-trans laws like HB2.

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Article Name
Trans People Find More Acceptance From Young People & Women, Survey Finds
According to a new study, young people and women are more likely to be accepting of transgender people.