Trans Teen Suspended For Using The Bathroom

A transgender high school teen excused himself to use the bathroom during a pep rally and was followed by a teacher, who wanted to ensure the student was using the “correct bathroom.”

From the seventh grade on, the student had used the boy’s restroom without any issues.  However, during his senior year, he was told that he needs to use the girl’s bathroom, because he was born with female gentiles.

That fateful night, when he walked out of the boy’s bathroom and saw the teacher standing there, he knew that he would be reported for his wrongdoing. The next day he was suspended for using the wrong bathroom.

“I started having a panic attack,” he told CNN. “Teachers should never be following students to the bathroom unless they reek of cigarette smoke or alcohol.”

The student decided not to return to school because the fear of being outed was too great based on the intensity of the school administration’s bathroom rules. He enrolled in online courses instead and is considering legal action against the school district.

Rick Maxey, the superintendent of the involved school district said that he would not comment on the case, but sent CNN the following note:

“The district maintains the privacy of all of its students. The district seeks to accommodate the individual needs of its transgender students in compliance with the law, including Title IX. We will continue our efforts to ensure a welcoming school environment for all students.”

Ilona Turner, legal director of the Transgender Law Center said “It’s a very dangerous thing when we create these kinds of policies and laws intended to single out transgender people. They have the effect of policing everyone and placing gender under scrutiny. Anyone who walks into a women’s restroom who has short hair or appears less than totally feminine may have the police called on them or asked for their birth certificate.”

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Trans Teen Suspended For Using The Bathroom
Article Name
Trans Teen Suspended For Using The Bathroom
A trans teen was suspended by school administrator’s for using the “incorrect bathroom.”