Trans Woman Killed After Being Repeatedly Run Over

Just yesterday, I was lamenting the horror of the high amount of  trans women being murdered, and now there is another one and it is horrific.

A transgender woman has died in Kansas City, after she was repeatedly run over. Police found the Tamara Dominguez lying unresponsive in a car park on 3 AM on Saturday night.

According to information provided by a witness, Tamara got out of an SUV that then intentionally knocked her over, before backing over her then running over her again.

She was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

Unfortunately, her friends and family were unable to recognise the vehicle, and they had no idea who Tamara may have been with.

Her roommate, Juan Rendon, spoke to KCTV news saying: “We understand that maybe they were arguing, but it’s not fair for what he did. It ain’t fair.”


Authorities are currently treating this awful incident as an aggravated assault, but are saying that it’s currently too early to say whether or not it was a hate crime.

Juan spoke out on this further when speaking to KSBH TV, saying: “I don’t think it’s fair somebody dies like this no matter what the problem was, what happened. Nobody has the right to kill someone. I don’t think people have their mind open, they’re just close-minded. They don’t understand. For some people being transsexual or transgender or gay they think it’s funny.”

The number of trans women killed this year is now at a horrifying seventeen.