Trans Woman Shot At By 12 Year Old Boy

In a truly weird and shocking turn of events, a young boy of 12 has been arrested in Orlando for shooting at a transgender woman.

The victim, Shandebine Sherrington, said that the boy shouted anti-gay slurs at her before firing at her seven times. Despite this, Shandebine was not hit.

“I was walking along Church Street, going towards a friend’s house, when I was approached by a 12-year-old saying he was going to kill me. I don’t know who this individual was and he started shooting at me, chasing me multiple places to shoot at me.”

She then went on to say that once she heard that the gun was empty, she began chasing him while on the phone to the police.

The boy was arrested at the scene, and has been charged with attempted murder and theft of a firearm.

Shandebine said that she believes this attack was a hate crime, and also that is not the first time she has been targeted for being transgender. She has even been the victim of a shooting before, having been shot seven times in her leg in an attempted robbery last year.