Transgender Filmmaker Speaks About New Film, Brace

In a recent interview with PinkNews, transgender filmmaker Jake Graf  has spoken about his new film, Brace, which explores London’s LGBT scene.

Brace has already won multiple awards, including The Alfred C Kinsey Award at Bloomington Pride, Indiana and Best British Short at the Iris Prize Film Festival, as well as being shown at multiple LGBT festivals.

The aim of this film is to push the boundaries of perception surrounding transgender people, whilst also raising awareness of other issues felt by those in the LGBT community.

When speaking on the topic of Brace and it’s success, Jake said: “I have messages daily from people who have watched Brace, and had never seen anything like it, particularly with it’s strong trans masculine theme. There is still a massive dearth of trans male content, and we made sure that the production values were as high as we could possibly afford on our meagre budget!


“We still have festivals requesting Brace since its online release, so it will continue to do the rounds, and hopefully shed a little more light on the gay trans male experience.”

Then, he touched on the topic of transgender rights, and how they have suddenly exploded into the limelight lately, gathering attention from both in and outside of the LGBT community: “It’s crazy how trans issues have taken off in the last year or so. People seem to remember that it was Caitlyn Jenner’s big coming out that precipitated it, but this has been going on for some time.”

“People like Paris Lees, Stephen Whittle, Sarah Lennox and so on have been fighting this fight in the UK for a long time, and it is because of people like them that we are starting to find acceptance in the mainstream. The fact that they are currently casting for a trans character in EastEnders, that Transparent has won Emmys, that transman Aydian Dowling is hopefully about to become the first transman ever to grace a mainstream publication’s cove… all of these are extremely positive signs, and it would be hard to believe even 3 years ago that we would be where we are now.”


“It feels like the gay rights movement, but on speed!”

You can watch the film below, and check out the full article over at PinkNews here.

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