Transgender Girl Reportedly Victimised By Christian School

A young girl, whose name has been changed to Charlotte in this article,  has known she was transgender every since she could talk, has reportedly been victimised by a Christian school.

Her parents, Olivia and Ryan explained their daughter’s situation to the school, and awaited their response with high hopes. It seemed at first as if everything would be fine, as the school told Olivia that they would “support Charlotte at school.”

Despite this, though, the Principal refused to allow her to socially transition from male to female at school, and apparently insisted that the teachers needed time to accept the news and go “their own journeys.”

Things escalated very quickly from there, as news of Charlotte’s gender change spread across social media page for the school like wildfire. Olivia said: “The kids were going crazy. Everyone is asking a million questions. People are asking about surgery, bottom surgery as well. It was crazy.”

But, despite the fact that the entire school new and this might lead to confusion or even discrimination from other students, the school refused to let Safe Schools Coalition Victoria visit with staff and students to explain how to support Charlotte in her transition.

It didn’t stop there, unfortunately. It only escalated from bad to worse.

Olivia went on to say that: “Charlotte got really confident because all of the kids at school were calling her ‘Charlotte’ instead of her boy name and the teachers didn’t really like it,” before adding that the “teachers started acting vicious towards her.”

Charlotte was not only harassed about the length of her hair, with a teacher apparently telling her “boys are not allowed to have their hair up.”

One of the worst events that reportedly happened, was when the boys and the girls were separated for different activities. Charlotte naturally wanted to go with the other girls, but the teacher wanted her to go with the boys.

Olivia claimed: “This teacher, who’s not her regular teacher, grabbed her by the arms, dragged her across the room. She [Charlotte] got really upset and she said to the teacher: ‘You don’t understand’.”

The teacher “then screamed at her in her face, ‘No, I do understand and I do not care. You are going with the boys and that is it’.”

The teacher apparently apologised, but naturally after things had escalated that far, Charlotte was removed from the school by her parents.

It’s  not exactly surprising that the Prinicipal denies this event ever took place, but has reportedly seen two pieces of evidence from two different sources that do support that an incident of some kind took place.

Charlotte was also apparently subjected to numerous counselling sessions with a chaplain without the parents’  knowledge without her parents’ knowledge.

“We were concerned about it being conversion therapy … because we were unsure what was discussed,” Olivia said, “The school says to me they weren’t about transgender. Charlotte says to me they only discussed transgender issues, so I know they lied to us.”

If this is true, this obviously unethical and illegal, and doesn’t look good on the school that this was done without Charlotte’s parents’ say so, no matter the topic. The school is pretty denying all of the allegations put forward, with the principal claiming: “From the very beginning we sought to do the right thing by Charlotte, not despite being a Christian school, but because we are a Christian School in which Love and Grace are some of our core values.

As a result of this being the first time that the school had experienced a student transitioning, we sought immediate medical and legal advice to ensure we progressed with our support of Charlotte’s transition in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. This includes working closely with Charlotte’s parents, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria and health professionals at the Royal Children’s Hospital.”