Transgender Is In Top 10 Words of the Year

According to the Collins English Dictionary, transgender is joining words such as binge-watching and dad-bod as Words of the Year 2015.

Apparently, the use of the word transgender has risen 100% compared to last year and was unsurprisingly linked to the rise of celebrities like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner.

Some of the other words in the Words of the Year included ghosting (ending relationship by cutting off contact), clean eating (eating only natural foods) and man spreading (a man taking up too much space on public transport).

Helen Newstead, Head of Language Content at Collins had this to say: “Once again, the list of Collins’ Words of the Year offers a fascinating snapshot of the ever-changing English language.”

This is hardly the first time a new gender identity has been added, as this follows cisgender and misgender, as well as the prefix Mx.

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