Transgender Six-Year-Old Sparks Controversy In Texas

The owners of a daycare in Texas have found themselves in the public eye after they fired two employees who expressed concerns over a transgender six-year-old to express their identity.

This all started when the parents of the transgender child in question asked to be be treated as a male and be referred to with male pronouns. The school immediately acted on the child’s – and the parent’s – wishes, and promptly removed two employees who disagreed. Despite the fact that the school has acted in the best interests of both the child and the parents, there have been some concerns from some who don’t understand how a six-year-old can identify as transgender. There have even been suggestion’s that the child’s same-sex parents influenced their gender identity.

Dr. Andrew Brams, who is a child psychologist, discussed this with Fox26: “I understand the fears that they have, but I want to tell you in my clinical experience working with same-sex partners, because I do a lot of work with foster-hood and adoption, I think these families are very well adjusted.”

“I think they are even sometimes more psychologically mindful, or even more aware of, making sure their child is brought up in a healthy environment, with good self-esteem and a good feeling about themselves.  think there’s a strong indication that a lot of this is biological.”

Nikki Araguz Lloyd, Transgender National Alliance founder, also weighed in on the controversy: “At the time I was six, I began to exhibit all female personality traits,” Lloyd told Fox 26.“It’s very sad that what has become a personal private matter in relation to a transgender person, is now again a very public discussion.”

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