Transgender Star GiGi Gorgeous Announces She’s a Lesbian

The transgender YouTube mega star has just posted a new vlog in which she comes out as a lesbian.

This is not the first time that she has chosen to open up about who she is attracted to. Back when Gigi was a man, she came out as gay. She then later came out as transgender and documented her transition on YouTube.

In her newest video, she says that she has been “in several relationships with men but I’ve never experienced this feeling until I met this girl, and that’s how I know that I’m a lesbian.”

Gigi adds: “Now I feel confident saying that yes, I am a lesbian, and the best part about that is no one can tell me otherwise because it’s my sexual identity.”


Gigi has been open about sharing her new love in her recent videos, and she says that it’s important to her to not just be candid with her fans, but to also help people understand that sexuality is normal and can change as a person grows and becomes more self-aware.

“I want to let anyone out there questioning their sexuality or what’s normal or how they should feel or should act, that it’s OK to feel this way,” Gigi said. “I said, ‘why am I feeling this way toward a girl?’ Someone may come along in your life and that’s OK.”

We want to shout out our support of Gigi and let everyone know that you should love whomever you want to love. You can check out her full coming out video below:

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