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Working with clients across the globe, Traveling Donors is a leading full-service international egg donation program that provides couples with a personalised and stress-free experience

Our intending parents and egg donors are treated with the utmost respect, care, and professionalism in helping you in achieving your dream family.

With exclusive partnerships with reputable surrogacy agents and clinics, namely SeAsia and Mexico City, each client's needs are carefully considered. Traveling Donors boasts an online donor database of over 130 available young healthy egg donors, offering our intending parents a wide variety of looks and characteristics to ensure the best possible match for each intending couple. Through our exclusive partnerships Traveling Donors has been able to continue a high successful pregnancy rate of 70% for the last three years. Our team is devoted to making the process as simple as possible for all parties involved, offering constant attention and helpful assistance.

MumsOur all-inclusive program includes interviews, matching between donors and intended parents, as well as the handling of all donor screenings, medical check-ups, donor/ recipient/ surrogate synchronisation and legal documents. Due to the fact that we are a global program, our group donor programs take place approximately every three months in each specific location.

The entire process is highly respected by Traveling Donors, who provide every client with exceptional personal care, always being sure to put you first. Recognising that this is an emotional journey, our team does their best to ensure that you will have a professional, dependable and worry-free experience.

No matter what your orientation or marital status, Traveling Donors genuinely cares about each individual's dream becoming a reality. Traveling Donors is able to accommodate both those couples who are in need of either an egg donor or an egg donor and a surrogate based on our well established surrogacy partnerships.

How do I get started?
1. Register for our online egg donor database, so that you may view our wide range of beautiful healthy young egg donors.
2. Once you have reviewed our database, you may select up to six detailed profiles to view
3. Reserve your preferred donor and select the Group Donation most suitable to you. Depending upon the location that you have selected we will best be able to advise you of the donor group cycle dates for that year.
4. Traveling Donors will confirm the availability of your preferred egg donors.
5. Confirm your preferred egg donor with us from the viewed profiles.
6. Send through the required documents such as passport, residential address and a recent police clearance form so that we can prepare your parent contract for you
7. Complete and sign your parent contract and make your first payment to secure your preferred egg donor.
8. We will introduce you to our exclusive surrogacy partners and clinics so that all other medical arrangements can be confirmed.
9. Allow for a 5 -7 day stay in the selected location of the donation process.

Our Difference:
Group Donations are arranged with our partner clinics in either Bangkok or Mexico City. The Donors travel with our experienced donor support teams. Our experienced Coordinators accompany the donors to each clinic appointment, administer donor medication and comfort them during egg retrieval. Group Donations ensures that your donor will receive round the clock care during her stay at your preferred location.
The Traveling Donors team genuinely looks forward to assisting you in the near future with your journey to parenthood.

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Genevieve Uys is the director of Traveling Donors. She took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Pride Life

Genevieve Uys of Traveling DonorsHow long have Traveling Donors been established and where are you based?
Traveling Donors was established in December 2011. We initially started running our international egg donor program in India in conjunction with our surrogacy partners at the time. However, since the law changes took place in India, we have now been successfully running our international egg donor programs in both Bangkok and Mexico. We do four group donor trips to Bangkok and three to Mexico per year. Traveling Donors is international registered, with a team of Co-ordinators based in Cape Town who take care of the entire medical and travel arrangements for each donor group ensuring a stress-free trip for all involved. Our aim is to ensure that both intending parents and donors alike receive a high level of quality care and a pleasant experience overall.

What services do you offer to same-sex couples wanting a child?
Traveling Donors is a full service international egg donor program that specialises in the matching of intending parents and egg donors across the world. Our aim is to assist all intending parents regardless of sexual orientation or marital status, as we understand and recognise that no two journeys to parenthood are the same.

Traveling Donors helps to create a synergy between prospective parents, egg donors and the fertility clinic. Presently we have a close working relationship with surrogacy agencies in Mexico and Bangkok. We will personally guide and assist each intending couple through their journey to parenthood in taking care of all the necessary arrangements to ensure that their selected egg donor is well cared for during her donor cycle abroad.
All our co-ordinators have first-hand experience of what it is like to be an egg donor. This not only helps us to understand your needs better but also to ensure that your egg donor's needs are seen to at all times.

A quick outline of what our donor program includes:

• Online egg donor database
• Personal case manager for your egg donor cycle
• Detailed egg donor profile and family history
• Egg Donation Agreement between intended parents and egg donor
• Egg donor reservation upon deposit
• Coordination of all egg donor medical screening
• Coordination of all egg donor travel arrangements for international travel
• Communication between clinic and intending parents
• Coordination and synchronisation of donor for donation process
• Egg donor medical screening
• Travel arrangements for egg donor upon donor approval by clinic

What criteria must prospective egg donors fulfil?
Egg donors are screened through a detailed egg donor application to ensure they are suitable candidates to become an egg donor. Egg donors are healthy young women of any ethnic descent between the ages 18 – 30 years old. They have voluntarily decided that they want to help others achieve their dreams of having a family of their own, they are young woman who understand the great challenges that many couples face and understand the important role they will play in making this possible for many couples
The egg donor profile provides you with detailed social, medical and family history information. Once the application has been approved and the donor history is free of major genetic health conditions, donors are then interviewed in order to get to know her and her motivations for wanting to join our international donor program. Interviews are completed either in person, over the phone and via Skype.
Once an egg donor has been selected by the intending couple, the donor will undergo a wide range of medical tests to ensure she is fit and healthy for the upcoming donor cycle.

Is there a typical LGBT person or couple who makes use of Traveling Donors' services?
We do not believe that there are any stereotypical types of couples making use of our donor program. We believe that everyone one has the right to be a parent and share in the joy that parenthood brings and we are only too happy to help anyone wanting to be a parent to achieve this happiness.

However, that being said, we do feel that each individual couple needs to have conducted their own personal research into the process and have a good understanding of what is involved before rushing into an egg donor and surrogacy agreement .

What success rate do you have?
We have an ongoing 73% positive pregnancy result for 2013/2014 with our exclusive partners in Bangkok and Mexico, our positive pregnancy results are based on achieving a positive Beta-Hcg result within 1-3 embryo transfer attempts.

We also make sure that each egg donor has a minimum gap of 3 months between her donations and most of our donors will only donate 2-3 times per year assuring that they will have a favourable response to treatment, making for a high positive pregnancy result.

What makes Traveling Donors different from other similar agencies?
We believe what sets us apart from other agencies is our personalised service we provide to both our intending parents and our egg donors. Many agencies will boast a donor database in the thousands, however they tend to lack the same interpersonal relationships with each of the registered egg donors. At Traveling Donors at any one time we will have 100-150 active donors on our database. This allows us to get to know the donors on a more personal level and our co-ordinators form valuable bonds with the donors on the trips, allowing us to have a better understanding of each donor and her personality. Getting to know the donors on a personal level is invaluable to us as we are also then able to provide potential intending parents an insight to the type of person their donor is.

Traveling Donors arranges group donations with our partner clinics in either Bangkok or Mexico. The donors travel with our experienced donor support team. Our skilled Coordinators accompany the donors to each clinic appointment, administers all donor medication and comforts them during egg retrieval. Having group donations ensures that your donor will receive round the clock care during her donor cycle.
Traveling Donors limits the size of the donor groups, we feel that, in order to provide our donors with the best level of care, we ensure that there is one co-ordinator for every six matched donors on a trip. So should we have donor groups bigger than six, an additional co-ordinator will accompany the group so as to ensure that every donor is well cared for at all times. Caring for a donor does not only pertain to the medical side of the donation but also ensuring that her emotional wellbeing is looked after as well.
For Traveling Donors we are concerned with the needs of both the Intending parents and our generous egg donors. For us it is of the utmost importance that the overall experience of our egg donors first cycle with us results in her wanting to donate for us again. We value our donors and understand they are people, not numbers and treat them as such.

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