Trump Backpedals When Questioned By Lesbian Journalist

Trump is again showing just how wishy washy he really is. Pandering, anyone?

We all know that Donald Trump told Fox News Sunday he would work to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality because he does not support same-sex marriage.

However, while in New Hampshire rallying votes, he just told a lesbian journalist a different story. After identifying herself as gay, Bay Windows publisher Sue O’Connell questioned Trump about LGBT rights. She asked if he would put an end to the LGBT progress and acceptance that’s been gained: “When President Trump is in office, can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians?”

Trump answered in his typical off-kilter style: “Well, you can. And look, again, we’re going to bring people together, and that’s your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don’t we’re not going to have a country anymore.”

What is he talking about? What does he mean? Where does he stand?

Does anyone know? If so, please enlighten us.

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